Tending the Ox

One day, Kuei Shan was walking through his monastery when he saw one of his disciples, an older monk named Ta An, sweeping the walk. Kuei Shan went up to him and asked, “What do you do all day?” Ta An replied, “I tend an ox.” ” How do you tend this ox?” asked Kuei Shan. Ta An responded, “Whenever it wanders off into the weeds I grab it by the nose and bring it back home.” “Well, you really know how to tend the ox,” said Kuei Shan, and he walked away.
‘Wandering off into the weeds.’ In this ancient teaching story ‘ox’ is a metaphor for mind, while ‘weeds’ represents the restless mind, the mind of ‘what’s next?’ or ‘me and my problems!’ The old monk had discovered through practice that life experienced without all the negative internal dialogue is usually just fine as it is. In other words, when you are sweeping the walk, just sweep the walk. Most of the time, feelings of regret concerning the past, or anxiety about the future distract us from the issue at hand.

Our lives are full of wonderful distractions, and there is, of course, nothing wrong with distractions in and of themselves. The problems begin when we become so divided in our intent that suddenly nothing seems deserving of our full attention, and all our actions are mere shades of the full depth that we are capable of. Meaning and real satisfaction begin to wane, and anxiety or depression follows hard on the the heels of this distracted life.

Zen practice is simply a means to reengage with the depth and meaning that is constantly available to us if we are receptive to it.

Doug Dittman

Doug Dittman is a zen buddhist practitioner and was entrusted to teach on his own in 2013 by his teacher, Reverend Nonin Chowaney, a recognized American Zen Master.

Tending the Ox Zendo is affiliated with the Nebraska Zen Center where Reverend Nonin Chowaney is the resident priest. Doug is also a member of Lay Zen Teacher’s Association.

Doug established Tending the Ox Zendo at Branched Oak Farm, a certified organic dairy, where he lives and farms with his wife Krista, and two sons.

Doug Dittman | email | 402.326.6954

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